What to Know about Lighting & Painting your Home

2021-06-17T17:50:38+05:30November 26th, 2020|Interiors|

The best way to transform your home within a budget and change the entire aesthetic is a new fresh coat of paint. Besides protecting the walls of your home from bad weather, a quality paint job and the right lighting has a very refreshing effect on the people of the household. Know more!

Fabrics That Define Luxury

2021-06-17T17:35:51+05:30October 21st, 2020|Interiors, Design & Art|

While decorating any home, one of the most crucial elements is fabric. They aren't just important for their colour or pattern, their quality plays a big part in upping the luxury quotient of a space. Aside from material adding great value to decor, it also helps inject life into your furniture. Here's bringing to you a cohesive guide on picking the right fabric that defines luxury.

Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Home Appear Luxurious

2021-06-17T17:28:47+05:30October 14th, 2020|Interiors|

When we say the word “luxury”, we mean one of a kind, classy and grand. Luxury goes beyond the safety and comfort of a home, it’s anything and everything that makes your life seamless and your living experience uncompromised. Here's highlighting a few ways you can upgrade your home on a budget, one step at a time.

5 Ways to Make a Compact Space Look Bigger

2021-06-17T17:08:06+05:30September 25th, 2020|Interiors|

Small rooms can feel cramped and confined. However, there are design concepts that can be incorporated within a space that fool the eye to make the room seem more spacious. It’s important for spaces to look decluttered so it becomes easier to work, hassle-free to move around, and just better on the eye.

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