Colours that Soothe your Mind

Hues for a soothing ambience

Creating spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable at the same time involves a lot more than just picking our furniture. The paint you choose for the walls in your space is just as important as the decor. If the walls in your house shout loud colour, it isn’t going to help your stress levels. Calming colours and soothing hues are one of the most important things in an ambiance – especially for your peace of mind and stress levels.

Here are some calming colours that are proven to be mood boosters. We hope you get inspired to take a paintbrush and mellow your walls out.

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01. Soft Blue

Traditional Feng Shui says that the colour blue can slow down the heart rate and lower blood pressure. It is also considered to have the ability to help people sleep. When choosing the right shade of blue, make sure that it’s on the neutral, pastel, and soft hue end of the spectrum.


02. Beige

Browns, beiges or any colours on the warmer end of the spectrum are considered colours that imbibe serenity and calm to the mind. The minute you across the spectrum to colours like orange and yellow, the more energy is brought to a room.


03. Pale Grey

The colour grey is often misconstrued as boring and dull However this colour on your walls can provide a cooling and soothing presence. It is also a colour that is so neutral in nature that it manages to work well with other pop colours.


04. Soft Green

The colour green symbolises nature and therefore tends to be a refreshing and soothing colour. Doesn’t watching nature calm your mind? The colour is known to bring the same effect of tranquility to your home. Try and pick pastel greens like sage green, pistachio green, and Russian green for your walls.


05. Lavender and Pink

Traditional Feng Shui believers tend to use warm shades pf pink to soothe energy in a room and also keep it understated.  Pink and Lavender are considered highly feminine colours but if you pick the right tones, it could look pleasant in almost any room.


06. White

White spaces tend to have a positive effect on mood and energy. They are known to help you experience restfulness, airiness, calm, and joy. White is known to generate a sense of purity, balance, and harmony.

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