Fabrics That Define Luxury

While decorating your home, one of the most crucial elements is fabric. They aren’t just important for their colour or pattern, their quality plays a big part in upping the luxury quotient in your home. Most luxury fabrics are naturally made as opposed to artificial ones. The process of cultivating, growing, and harvesting these fibers are what makes them look more expensive. Aside from material adding great value to decor, it also helps inject life into your furniture. They add beauty as well as protect your furniture from stains and dust.

Picking The Right Fabric 101

Wear & Tear

Keep in mind the wear and tear of the fabric and how roughly your house is used. For example, if you have young children who jump on sofas, you may not want to upholster them in delicate fabrics like silk as the fabric won’t last very long. You may want to select materials such as cotton with a higher sustenance
Natural Light

Buy fabric that optimises the natural light in your house. Natural light aids productivity, a good state of mind, peace, and beauty in a space. Buying lighter-colored curtains will also ensure you don’t need to turn on lights as often, in turn making your home more energy-efficient.

Try and buy fabric from a store that sells wholesale material or offers discounts. High prices are always a worrying factor while redecorating.

Set a theme for your decor and pick fabric that will compliment that look. For example: Pastels, neutrals, hues of blue etc

Pick a colour that will suit your mood as you can’t keep redecorating. The get a fair idea, it’s best to take cut swatches of fabric and place them in different parts of your room to match.

How Fabric Helps With Decor

Updates Your Interiors

Fabric aids in updating your interiors often without spending much. Refresh your home by using slipcovers for your sofas and armchairs instead of upholstering. Use fabrics that are easily maintained – machine washable and durable in nature.
Pops of Colour

Choose your runners, tablecloths, and placemats wisely such that they add a pop of colour and match your decor theme. You can go all out and experiment with textures since they are smaller pieces of fabric.
Adorns a Space

Curtains are a great way to adorn a space. They also lend privacy to your home. Pick fabrics that are light in texture and colour so they enable more natural light into the room. This helps with energy-efficiency in your house too.
Adds Regality

Add a touch of regality by using rugs and carpets on your floor. Place the rugs in such a way that they complement the accessories in your room. You can experiment with a plethora of textures here – woolen, silk, jute and so on.

Luxury Home Decor Tips
Adds Comfort

Use throw pillows that give a comfortable look and feel to your room. Throw pillows are a great way of adding colour and a mix of texture to the space as well.

Tips to Mix & Match Cushions

Luxury Fabrics

There are many fabrics that fall into the luxury segment. Cashmere, Velvet, and Silk are the most well-known ones in the indulgent universe of decor.

  • Cashmere is known for its soft texture and can be used to upholster furniture or make throw pillows and blankets.
  • Velvet is plush in nature and a tufted fabric that provides a soft yet thick look to draperies, upholstery, and accent pillows.
  • Silk draperies are always a good idea to add a look of luxury to your windows. You could also do silk throw pillows or adorn an armchair with a statement silk cushion. Mulberry silk; aside from being one of the most expensive materials in the world is also one of the softest.
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