Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Home Appear Luxurious

When we say the word “luxury”, we mean one of a kind, sophisticated and larger than life. The demand for luxury homes is driven by the rising standard of living and increasing disposable income among professionals and new business owners. People want more than just four walls and a parking lot. Luxury goes beyond the safety and comfort of a home, it’s anything and everything that makes your life seamless and your living experience uncompromised.We all have an image of the ideal home we’d like to have in our minds. This image in totality may not be affordable in one go at times. Here are some ways you can upgrade your home on a budget, one step at a time.

Add Moulding and a Splash of Colour

You can give your plain, boring walls an updated, more luxurious look by adding moulding or a pop of colour. Add narrow strips for a picture-framing look or crown moulding for an expensive look with an inexpensive price tag.
“Paint is extremely inexpensive and makes a big difference. Whether you need to tone down a colour or add a bold colour to liven up your space, colour is great for changing the overall feel of a room.” says  Keysha Jillian, lead interior designer and owner of K. Jillian Designs, based in Tampa, Florida.

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Mix Textures

Complimentary textures in a space help you create a custom and more luxe look. For instance, a Turkish rug with a wooden armchair and metal accents/accessories make for the perfect study. You could also add some throw pillows in multiple textures such as velvet, silk, or jute to round out the entire look.
Say No to Clutter

There’s nothing premium about clutter and a mess. You should start by getting rid of things you no longer use, no longer want to look at and no longer need. If there are some things you require but not on a daily basis, figure out a cohesive organisation system using chic baskets, bins and boxes to help you get your clutter out-of-sight.

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Turn it Metallic

If you don’t want to shell out money and buy metallic accents and curios, spray painting is the way to go. From copper to gold and silver to rustic gold, the market has several options. Metallic trays, mirror frames, photo frames, and vases always up the luxe factor in a home and are another inexpensive idea that will add glamour to a room.

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Add a Rug

A large rug can always transform and pull a room together. The misconception with rugs is that people think they’re expensive. On the contrary, you can find a cheaper option for rugs that will last with heavy foot traffic and in beautiful colors that will always complement a room.

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Say Yes to Flora and Fauna

A touch of greenery is another inexpensive way to give a room a beautiful facelift. Adding colorful elements like vases and planters to a coffee table or shelf with fresh flowers is an assured way to make the space look luxurious.

Dress Up Your Home
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