Apartment living in Perambur

7 Reasons why Perambur is the perfect place to live

Integrated townships are like mini-cities with all essential facilities available within the apartment itself. This is what makes them so attractive to people and developers across the country are going all out to develop these residential townships across cities. Still not convinced about the advantages of living in a township?

Here are five perks:

Townships offer a broad range of amenities such as a gymnasium, park, swimming pool, yoga training facility, supermarket, etc. some of them even have dedicated play areas and cafes. If you also like to be physically active, this is perfect for you. They also often have jogging tracks and tennis courts. In fact, from schools to hospitals; everything is usually available at proximity itself. Living in a township greatly enhances your lifestyle as everything is available at your doorstep.


Safety is a big cause of concern for most families, especially, for people with children and senior citizens in the house. With townships, this issue is easily solved. Modern-day gated communities come with enhanced security systems such as CCTV cameras and electronic security systems. These systems work 24×7 and give you much-needed peace of mind. Additionally, there is security personnel also working throughout the day. In most townships, a mandatory procedure of guest sign-in/sign-out is also enforced.

Opportunity to meet like-minded people:

The chance to meet like-minded individuals in a township is quite high. It also presents opportunities to meet new people, as most of these townships have annual parties and social gatherings during festivities. This also makes sure that children of various families meet and get to know each other. The common areas of the township are also a good chance for residents to interact with each other. Most gated communities bring people of similar positions in society together, ensuring you meet people with the same wavelength.

No maintenance issues:

With townships, a tenant or owner does not have to worry about the water supply, power backup, etc. New townships from reputed builders come with facilities such as 24×7 power back, clean living spaces, and other amenities, which are essential for a comfortable life. Most of these townships also have dedicated personnel, who are in charge of maintenance and attend to it quickly.

Peaceful environment:

Imagine coming back home after an incredibly tiring day to a peaceful environment, away from the crowded and noisy streets? Well, townships offer just that. Integrated townships provide for vast open spaces that feature substantial landscaping and greenery. Thanks to this, townships make for an extremely viable residential destination.


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