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How to make your home energy efficient?

Making a home energy efficient means using less energy to do the same job which in turn reduces your energy consumption and saves money. In order to reduce your energy consumption, other than using less energy, it’s also important to become aware of how energy is utilized in your home.

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Stay aware of your battery life

Don’t leave your cellphone plugged in to charge all night. It only takes a few hours to charge. Charge your laptop and phone only when the battery drops to 10%.

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Keep your home’s temperature cooler

During summer months, try and keep your home’s temperature cooler by a few simple steps. Draw your blinds, shades, drapes so that your home is kept cooler and the load on the Fan and Air Conditioner is less.


Energy-efficient windows

If your home has single-pane windows, look into replacing them with more energy-efficient windows, add solar shades, or a tinting film.


Stay aware of your water consumption 

If you’re someone who enjoys a shower more than a bucket bath, install low-flow shower-heads. This improves your home’s water efficiency. Low-flow shower-heads have a water flow rate of less than 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute), while other conventional shower-heads in our bathrooms use 5 gallons per minute.


Turn off appliances 

Turn off your computer when you’re finished using it. Don’t leave any appliance on all day – turn on appliances like computers, monitor, printer, and fax machine only when you need them.


Do an energy audit of your home

Hire a professional energy auditor so they can evaluate the inefficiencies and wasted energy in your home. These auditors will pinpoint savings opportunities, identify areas that need improvements, and give you a series of solutions.

Try some of these and Mother Earth will surely be grateful!

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