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Available Arihant Spaces Projects

Here are some of Arihant’s featured projects that could become a memorable home for you.

Arihant Vinyasa


Boutique Homes in a Quiet Green Nook


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1st Block, Koramangala
2 BHK – 1,220 SQ FT . 2.5 BHK – 1,263 SQ FT . 3 BHK – 1,795 SQ FT

Vanya Vilas

A dream come true


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New 156, Old 19, Narayana Guru Salai
3 BHK – 1,605 SQ FT . 4 BHK – 2,819 SQ FT

Arihant Vanya Vilas
Arihant Vinyasa


Exclusive luxury for a privileged few


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Off Cenotaph Road, Teynampet
3 BHK : 1,673 – 1,785 SQ FT

Magnolia Woods

Live Open to Sky


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Futuristic Plotted Development
6973001 SQ FT

Magnolia Woods

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