All you Need to Know – Design of Multi Purpose Spaces

A multi-purpose space can be described as a true integration of different functions in time and space. Designing spaces in your home that have multiple uses can provide you with the optimum solution without extending or increasing the size of your house. For these spaces to work, however, they need to be flexible and easily converted – without effort.

Single spaces serve a multitude of purposes under clever curation and delicate design. Several people don’t only live in their homes but also work, play, and entertain in the comfort of this one space as well. For instance, you could have a bright and cheery living/dining room that makes good use of double-duty furniture. A dining table that could also serve as a workspace, glass-fronted cabinets that could either store serve ware or books! There are a plethora of multi-purpose furniture units that could be brought into play to serve your purpose. 

Floating Furniture

If you have a studio or any other multi-purpose space, versatile furniture is a great way to optimize the area. For instance, a floating bookcase could make a functional room divider. Partitioning your space into various zones sometimes helps with creating distinct spaces – like a living room or a bedroom. This also helps to add storage to your space with will further optimize it. 
Multi-purpose Office

Lots of people don’t have the luxury of a separate office and bedroom, so combining both spaces can be quite the task but is doable. You could opt for an unconventional day bed which will make the space feel less dual-purpose. You could also tuck your desk under built-in shelves so that it’s less crowded.
TV Den for Guests

A comfortable TV room and study can easily transform into a guest bedroom when you have people over. Since futon beds are multi-purpose in nature, adding one to the respective space is the best way to go about decorating it. It can work as a great sofa for television and effortlessly become a sleeping quarter for your guests. 
Living and Working

A cozy living room and office encompass all a work-at-home professional requires. Add an L-shaped sofa to this space in order to bring a sense of balance to the room. Keep the color scheme white as it prevents a small space from feeling cramped. Also, built-in storage units will control excess clutter in the space. 
Decorating Tips and Tricks

Decorating a mix-use space can be fairly challenging. An excellent solution is to select light-colored furniture with slender silhouettes. These simplistic forms will give any space an open and chic look, with the space to breathe. Optimizing natural light in a space is also crucial when it comes to decorating, this will give your room an airy and bright look. 

3 Basic Benefits

  • Maximizes available Space
  • Minimizes Clutter
  • Lowers Costs

Don’t let your home’s size and budget limit its potential uses.


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