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Hidden Gems of Teynampet

Teynampet is one of Chennai’s most popular and bustling commercial hubs. It is home to upscale restaurants, coffee shops, artisanal bars, high-end hotels, and consulates. It also holds a grand and tranquil botanical garden featuring more than 600 flora and fauna species with ornamental lakes and fountains.

Teynampet Gems:

01. Semmozhi Poonga

Semmozhi Poonga translates into “Classical Language Park” and is a botanical garden in Teynampet, Chennai. It’s a joint effort between the Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering Department of Tamil Nadu. The garden houses exotic flora and fauna, aromatic and medicinal herbs, various species of plants from across the world and, a plethora of trees. A beautiful site to catch when you’re in Teynampet and in need for some greenery.

hidden gems of teynampet botanical park
Semmozhi Poonga, Chennai


 02. Narada Gana Sabha

Narada Gana Sabha is an association formed to promote Indian culture from dance to drama to music and is situated in the center of town. It plays a big part in the Chennai Music Festival and is quite a unique sight to see. The main concert hall is regal and well-maintained, the acoustics is one of the best in India

03. Eat Your Way Through Teynampet

  1. Nouvelle: Two chefs from Le Cordon Bleu giving Chennaites a glimpse into an authentic French Patisserie. Choux pastries, Macarons, Bakewell tarts, Petits gâteaux and the works in the heart of Chennai!
  2. Bisous Gourmet: The baker that makes 11 different kinds of gooey brownies! From sea salt almond to caramelized white chocolates to some healthier versions.
  3. Cheta Buttermilk: Ideal for a refreshing drink to beat the summer heat in Chennai. With over 10 different kinds of buttermilk, this is a favorite stop.
  4. Sai Hotel: For that quick fix South Indian breakfast to fuel your day with energy!
  5. Madras – The Raintree: A mix of Kerala and Chettinad food, bringing you the best flavors of the South under one roof.
  6. Up North – The Raintree: A fine dining authentically North Indian restaurant that’s known for its roof-top ambiance.
  7. Cafe De Paris: A little Parisian escape in a glass house with decor so beautiful it takes you back to the streets of France.
  8. Ambrosia: A Korean and Japanese dessert parlor, bringing the best of the East to the South. Most known for its contemporary decor, ambiance, and unique flavors.

04. St George’s Cathedral

Also called “The Church of South India” and previously called “Church of England and Anglican”, it is a magnificent structure that was built in 1815, Madras. St George’s holds an integral place in the history of Christianity in India. It is a remarkable piece of architecture with its tall pillars, marble statues, murals and memorials inside the church. A must visit for some cultural enrichment.

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