5 Ways To Conserve Water

As climate change continues to make its effects known, the conditions of weather and water will only continue to worsen over time. In the next few years, water shortage is likely to become a crisis that challenges the very survival of life on our planet. This is because even though 70% of the Earth is made up of water bodies, only 3% of it is clean, consumable fresh water. 

Every year, June 17th is observed as the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought with the intention of promoting public awareness and efforts to combat desertification.

With groundwater continuing to decrease at an alarming rate, it is extremely crucial that we consciously act now and safeguard our precious water resources for future generations. India, in particular, is at alarming risk of running out of water. Approximately 2 lakh people die each year due to the lack of access to safe drinking water.

Here are some ways in which we can strive to conserve as much water as possible with a few simple changes:


Upgrade to water-efficient appliances in kitchens and bathrooms


While buying washing machines and dishwashers, look out for energy-efficient models with adjustable cycles, load sizes, and water temperatures.Installing dual flush toilet systems with the mechanism to flush different amounts of water according to the need helps greatly in minimising water usage. 

Avoid taking long showers, stick to bucket baths instead


When was the last time you took a bucket bath? Bucket baths are most convenient and efficient, and added bonus — you can go crazy with bath salts.Using shower timers and replacing your shower heads with low-flow, high-efficiency models can also help reduce your water usage by more than half.

Practice smart gardening


Practicing smart and efficient methods to water your plants can lessen water consumption. Planting drought-resistant plants is a great way to minimise water loss. You can also organise your plants according to their water requirements and reuse water from washing vegetables, dishes, or other similar activities to make the most out of wastewater usage.

Implement methods of rainwater harvesting


Rainwater can be harvested in many ways and reused for washing, cleaning, and even drinking purposes. Installing a rain barrel and rooftop rainwater harvesting are popular methods you can implement to store and reuse rainwater at your houses. 

Avoid leaving the tap open for long periods of time


Avoid using running water while brushing, shaving, cooking, or cleaning. Leaving the tap open while performing  these tasks can lead to unnecessary wastage of water. Upgrade to taps with optical sensors in your bathroom and kitchen sinks. These taps are increasingly becoming popular in households as they are cost-effective, more hygienic, and can likely save about 30% to 50% of water when compared to normal taps. Make sure you scan the house frequently to ensure that there are no taps leaking in the house.

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