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Noise and Quality of Life

It’s World Noise Awareness Day, and with the noise levels around the world steadily on the rise, we don’t seem to realize how seriously harmful they can be to all of us. Noise pollution impacts millions of people everyday, and we are fast losing our ability to even detect the harm that it causes to our bodies on a daily basis.

Effects of Noise Pollution

Excess exposure to noise over a prolonged period of time can cause restlessness, high blood pressure, heart diseases, sleeping issues, stress, and more. It can also cause the loss of sensitivity to noise, which can even manifest as permanent hearing loss over time. The elderly and children are especially susceptible to this, as are the people living in urban areas as compared to the ones in rural areas.

The bad news is that this is our reality. The good news is that this is actually preventable. So, does this mean that all of us will have to leave the city and our careers, and find a suitable forest to live in? Of course not! There are many preventive measures one can harness, even while living in a city. We just have to take the time to learn them and implement them. Here are somethings you might even consider:


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01. Green cover

Make the effort to choose a home that allows for or has a lot of green cover like trees, bushes, etc. surrounding it. Not only will the trees act as sound barriers and afford you peace and quiet everyday, they’ll also allow for pleasant views and even the occasional cool breeze.



02. Invest on noise canceling windows

Noise canceling windows ensure that no noise seeps into your homes from the outside, so you and your family do not suffer from the effects of the continuous honking of cars, noisy neighbors, loud music, construction noises, etc. Sound has a way of traveling through the smallest of spaces, like from under a door, a window, a small hole in the wall, and more. As per soundproofing experts, soundproofing products should be considered during the time of the blueprint of a project for the best soundproofing possible.


03. Soft surfaces

It might be a good idea to invest in soundproofing or sound muffling materials like rugs, drapes, curtains, etc. for the interiors of your house. They reduce the bouncing of sounds on hard surfaces which result in the traveling of sound, and cut down on the noise in your surroundings.


04. Being mindful

Be mindful of the noise around you as well as the noise you make. You could choose to avoid going to noisy bars and restaurants, reduce how much you honk while driving, reduce your time in traffic, etc. Use your power as a community to restrict noise in your vicinity, to lead a more healthy life.


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Predictably, the next question would be: Do you know any such projects in the city?

The short answer is, yes, we do!

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