Budget 2022 & The Real Estate Industry

2022-03-30T13:46:26+05:30March 30th, 2022|Business, Real Estate|

The budget 2022, tabled on February 1, is significantly focussed on urbanisation and sustainability with a 25 year vision. Here are the highlights of the budget in context of the real estate and infrastructure industry and its implications.

Biggest Advantages of Home Automation

2021-06-17T18:32:54+05:30March 13th, 2021|Real Estate|

We live in the golden age of technology development. In the past couple of decades, we’ve gone from relying on corded phones for the bulk of our communication to tiny computers in our pockets and wrists that are capable of dozens of simultaneous communication functions. If smartphones were one of the major tech developments of the 2000s, a next big step in the 2020s, is the development of smart homes. Learn more in our latest blogpost.

Who Will Be Disrupted by Real Estate Automation?

2021-06-17T18:30:40+05:30February 25th, 2021|Real Estate|

Who will be disrupted by real estate automation depends largely on the specific country. Not only does each country have its own set of laws governing the industry but the socio-economic environment and technology available within which these laws nestle also differs. To learn more about where India stands in the world of real estate automation, read our latest blog post.

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