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5 Styling Tips for Your Home

The new year fills the world with new hope and energy. It brings a sense of freshness and new zeal which extends to our everyday lives. Restyling and decorating our homes is not uncommon to welcome the new year. So if one of your resolutions is to spruce up your space in 2022, we’re here to help you stay true to it.

Tweaking, rearranging, reinventing and restyling your home is more about thinking out-of-the-box than buying new things. Here are five creative home decorating ideas for reworking your home using what you already have on hand. You may be surprised at how far a little tweak here and there can go.

1. Accessorise 


The easiest way to create a designer look is to add personality using home accessories. Build a collection of staple pieces, such as standout trinkets and vases. The great thing about accessories like these is that you can change them with the seasons. If you have a lamp base, vase, or another item with a fabulous shape but underwhelming colour, give it a new life with a fresh coat of paint. Bring focus to random collections of objects on your shelves, coffee table, or dresser by grouping them with purpose. Peek inside your kitchen cabinets to find unused cake stands, ice buckets, serving trays, or vases that can be used to hold knickknacks, shells, or other items you want on display.

2. Upgrade with art

interior art

Well-framed art has the ability to command attention and be a conversation starter. Browse each room for art that could also work in your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen—keeping in mind the colour palette of your rooms and the dimensions. Oftentimes, we get so used to the wall art in our homes that we hardly notice it anymore. By switching up the location of these pieces, it will not only update the space but make you appreciate the art you already own.

3. Think in threes

three paintings

The new trends advocate that styling should be done in threes. Instead of going for a  pair of candlesticks, throw in a third to balance it out. Doing things in threes makes it eye-catching and looks effortless.

Taking this one step further, translate the rule of three into the layering of objects in the background and foreground. Consider placing a larger painting at the back of  a shelf, stacking a few  books in front of it, and then finally layering on a small candle, vase, or decorative object on top of those books. 

4. Bring the outdoors in 


This year’s most famous interior design trend is inspired by friluftsliv (literally “free air life”), a Scandinavian concept that’s all about enjoying the pleasures of the outdoors year-round. From a design standpoint, friluftsliv means bringing elements of the outdoors into living spaces. 

Invite natural light in with sheer or light-filtering materials for curtains. Keep indoor plants around that not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also enhance your wellbeing. 

Read our blog 5 best indoor plants for your home and health to make an informed choice. 

5. Add a bit of you

a bit of you

Your home should showcase your personality, so don’t be afraid to put a stamp on it. Inject small but noticeable snippets of your personality like some artwork, a family heirloom or an upcycled piece of furniture. Show what you want to see more of. Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. 

“Your home should tell a story of who you are and be a collection of what you love” – Nate Berkus

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