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As more of us start working from home, many for the first time, it’s important to set up a work-from-home space that’s both comfortable and functional. Ideally, instead of buying new things, you should try and utilise what you already have at home. You already have all you need, as long as you get creative.

Some starting guidelines would be to pick a spot with adequate natural lighting and space for a desk and chair in order to keep you comfortable. Position and posture are also two important factors while working from home, as you don’t want to pull a back muscle or face the pain of the “tech-neck”.

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01. Pick the right spot 

Picking a designated work spot is important to build a disciplined routine. You wake up, clean your house, eat breakfast, shower and then head to your workspace (even if its 10 feet away).

It may sound cozy, but if at all possible, it’s best to avoid working in your bed. Otherwise, you’ll begin to associate your bed with work and may have trouble falling asleep at night. Choose a spot where you’ll be most productive – away from distractions – for most people this is away from the television and kitchen.   

“Creativity can take place anywhere, what I think is important is that you designate a space for this creativity. Wherever they get down to business, the little details matter. What we see can literally changes how we think” Donald Rattner, an architect and the author of My Creative Space, says. “

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02. Set up adequate lighting 

In order to reduce eyestrain from the screen, you will need to supplement your work from home desk with lighting. If you can, choose a sunny spot near a window, and supplement it with overhead lighting. If after the first day working in your new space your eyes feel overly tired, it’s a sign to update the lighting. Try adding another source of light or adjust the position of the current lighting. If you work on a laptop a lot, try a spot where the screen doesn’t reflect back glare.


03. Make it as ergonomic as possible

If you don’t have an office chair at home, that’s alright. Try to find the next best solution – scan your entire home to try to match up a chair and table or any other surfaces that allow you to work on your computer without hunching over it. A chair that’s comfortable yet provides back support is ideal. A cushion or draped blanket can help with the comfort factor.

Read more on Ergonomics – 

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04. Stay connected

Make sure your workspace is conveniently located near a power outlet, or look for a multi-plug extension cord so you can plug in everything you’ll need—computer, phone, printer—at the same time. Find a spot that’s in a strong range of WiFi, since you might be doing a lot of meetings over video calls, you don’t want a patchy connection to spoil the conversation.

If you are on video calls very often, then it might be a good idea to get a back-up internet connection and set up your primary and secondary Wi-fi as a bridge.


5. Bring nature inside

A pop of green in your workspace can put people in an imaginative mood and there are many ways to go about it. Instead of using paint or props, try and bring nature inside by the addition of plants to your space. Aside from the fact that plants are calming in nature, some of them also work as natural air purifiers as we spoke about one of our blog posts. Since you’re in one position for a while, desk plants are recommended as they increase the humidity around the desk, remove toxins from the air, and add a touch of style to your workspace.

Best indoor plants


06. Give your space personality

Last but certainly not the least, add a little personality to the spot you’ve chosen to spend time in.

Here’s how –

  • From a plant as mentioned above to a framed photograph, to a curio that reminds you of something, make your work from home table aesthetic
  • Put in a few organizers/cardboard shelves to keep your papers and stationery in order
  • Add an aromatherapy diffuser to your desk for calming scents
  • Try playing some soft, non-distracting music
  • Pin some inspiring quotes
  • Keep a notepad and some pencils handy, at times the best ideas come to us while scribbling/doodling on a blank paper

Embrace those work-from-home perks!

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