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Merits of a Resort-like Lifestyle

The modern work lifestyle comprises of a hectic schedule and lots of stress. We work long hours and hence we often need a break away from the city to replenish ourselves and get ready for the next round of deliverables at work. City life consists of hours spent in traffic, noise pollution, sound pollution, and several other issues that we don’t need to deal with on a daily basis. The lack of clear air also contributes heavily to health issues and our overall well-being. Living slightly away from the city has several benefits.

A Balanced Life

Without having to put your life on pause and go for a vacation, you can still feel the benefits of a resort. After a long day at work, you can enjoy the amenities of a large property to walk within or a swim to refresh yourself for the next day.

Remote Working

With the current environment, work from home has become a norm. Living in a resort-like environment can elevate the ambiance of working from home – giving you different spots to work in, a nice and relaxed view, and round the clock amenities to ensure you’re refreshed and in good spirits. Here’s how you can create easy work-from-home corners in your home.

Sylvan Location

Resort-style living gives you the relaxation of a holiday home with tranquil green surroundings, yet has practical accessibility to a big city when you need that fix. Without having to move out of the comfort of your home, you can enjoy a mini-vacation every day after work yet stay connected to the big city life.

An Active Life

From a clubhouse full of amenities to a spacious gym, a clean pool, to a large green area to walk on — you have all the elements you require to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Don’t feel like a swim one evening? No hassle there! You can always choose to go on a long walk across 45 landscaped acres. If you’re a sports fan then the badminton court, squash court, and billiards table should have you covered. Resort-style communities are designed to keep you more active than ever!

Paradise for Pets

All pet lovers know the sadness of leaving your pet for a week when you go on vacation. With a resort-style community, your home allows your pet to enjoy your company and the large open spaces.

Improves Productivity

All studies show that taking time to rejuvenate improves your physical health, mental health, and productivity. It also contributes greatly to your concentration. Living in a relaxed environment all year round can have those same effects on your body. Taking a mid-day stroll in between your huge task list from work can allow you to clear your mind and get fresh ideas. Hasn’t a walk helped you with brainstorming?

Villa Viviana

Villa Viviana is a memorable resort-like offering by Arihant Spaces. It’s a one-of-a-kind property comprising of international lifestyle villas in Maraimalai Nagar. Spread over 45 amenity-rich acres, this secure, gated community has a thoughtfully planned layout. With its sweeping streetscapes, relaxed architecture, Villa Viviana is an ideal haven for those who prefer to work from home — with pursuits such as art, remote consulting or even authoring a book. The ambiance is designed to take your breath away, while the sylvan surroundings let you breathe in the freshest air.

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