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DIY Tips on Diwali Cleaning: Make Your Cleaning Easy and Affordable

The festive season is around the corner and we all know the one age-old tradition that Indians follow during Diwali. Deep cleaning our homes for the festival of lights. But, do we know the real significance behind it?Diwali is an auspicious festival celebrated on the new moon night of the Autumn Season in India. It’s the day when Lord Rama traveled back to Ayodhya with his wife Sita after defeating Ravana. The day celebrates the victory of knowledge over ignorance and good over evil.

One of the reasons we clean our homes and office spaces is to welcome positivity on this day. A house that’s clean will be graced with positive energy as per the old-age beliefs. We de-clutter so as to show respect and welcome ‘light’ and the goddess Lakshmi. To make the Lakshmi Puja done at home more effective, we clean our homes. According to mythology, all gods and goddesses prefer entering homes that are clean as “Cleanliness is next to godliness”.

Diwali is also an occasion where people pay visits to each other for snacks, sweets, and cards. You are thereby considered a good host to welcome your guest into a de-cluttered and spick and span house. This is always a great time to donate all articles in your home that aren’t used that widely. Donating things to the needy on a festival like this brings good luck and goodwill into your life. Indians proudly say & believe, “ATITHI DEVO BHAVA”.

As per the Hindu calendar, Diwali is the beginning of the new year. It is considered a good symbol to welcome the inception of anything new with a clean, de-cluttered, and fresh state. Cleaning brings the commencement of a new environment and that’s what Diwali is all about.

Floor and Furniture Maintenance

While moving furniture, be careful to not scratch your floor. Always take help in lifting and don’t resort to dragging furniture across the house. Make sure to cover your floor while painting the walls. If your floor gets stained, it can become quite a hassle to clean it, so try and clean it instantly. If your floor gets stained, Bellinzoni Floor Cleaner is a trusted and recommended product that can be used.

This is the perfect time to restore all the faded items in your home. You can re-paint walls, re-upholster sofas, dry-clean festive wear, re-furbish your furniture. If these are too much of a hassle, you can tackle the smaller items. For instance, change all your curtains, change the linen in your drawing room, shuffle around your cushion covers, and so on. All of these changes add a very big difference to the space, making it feel brand new.
Get your Supplies

Collect all the materials you need to clean different parts and items in the house and store in them in one place so you don’t waste time looking for them. Wear a mask and glasses so you don’t breathe in any dust.
Fabric Cleaning 101

– Remember, clothes start smelling after putting them in a dirty washing machine so clean the filter of your machine first and then put in the load.

– It is difficult to remove stains with an ordinary detergent so try and use a lemon solution on the stain first. If that doesn’t work then resort to a cleaning chemical that will remove stains without altering the color of the fabric.

– Fabrics like carpets and rugs become both dusty and dirty over the years. First, remove the dust with a brush or by beating them with a broom. Then use a suitable method to clean your carpet/rug.

Natural Cleaning Ingredients and Materials that are handy during Diwali Cleaning

White Vinegar

Natural Salt

Baking Soda


Washing Soda

Microfibre Cloths

A spray bottle for easy use

Diwali marks the onset of a new beginning. All beginnings should start with a clean slate and hence a clean home. Spruce up your home this Diwali with our cleaning tips. Stay tuned for more!

Happy Diwali!

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